1860 Calhoun County, Mississippi
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The 1860 Calhoun County Mississippi census found at the links below is unlike most transcribed censuses. In the REMARKS column you will find additional information such as the notes added by the original census taker, secondly, additional information about the individual that has been researched by various persons with Calhoun County ties, or lastly, a "More" button that is linked to even more information about the person or family.

Calhoun County Mississippi is fortunate to have many devoted historians and researchers. This 1860 census was originally transcribed by Imogene Springer and sold in book form by The Calhoun County Historical and Genealogical Society. With the permission of the "Society" I have converted the book into the form that you see here. Then we compared Imogene Springer's work to that of the original census and corrected obvious mistakes. The information in these links should not be used for financial gains. My whole purpose for compiling this census was to provide a free source of information.

If you have information to add in the REMARKS column, or if you question the validity of the data there, please feel free to contact me. The final descision to include/change submitted information will be determined by the source materials cited with your request.

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